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Top Ten Tracks 2000 – 2009: #10

February 20, 2010

10. Campfire Kansas: On A Wire: The Get Up Kids

Sometimes a song can capture an era of your life.  I didn’t come across this song until the era of my college days was passed but when I listened it sounded like those memories felt.  Waking up in the woods, starting a fire from the embers of the night before, loading our boats (or boards in our case), and plunging into icy cold waters for a day of wave sliding.  Somehow, in our memories, those time are more perfect than they were as we experienced them.  There was still pain in our hearts, still shadows that darkened our future – and yet there was beauty that pierced the cloud-wrack that covered our hearts.  We saw good, and as Gerard Manley Hopkins once said, “There lives the dearest freshness deep down things” in the essence of creation right in front of us.  That’s where this song takes us.

This is a song about friendship and the melancholy that accompanies a time long since passed.  Listening to this song you feel the breeze and the glowing sun, the ice-cream headaches that inevitably result from plunging into waters that would chase away everyone but the bravest of souls.  We were never meant to move backwards in time, we were never meant to remain in one moment, time relentlessly moves us forward – but as the teacher once told us “there is a time for everything under heaven.”  Thank God for appointed times such as these.

Cheers to J-Rutt for introducing me to this one!

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