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Top Ten Tracks 2000 – 2009: #9

February 22, 2010

9. Such Great Heights: Give Up: The Postal Service

This was the song was the recessional at our wedding.  It captured the playful gravity of young love: what would it actually mean if “God himself did make us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay?”  What would it mean if there was one soul out there who was made for you? You would certainly do things like leave songs on your beloved’s message machine.  You would want to believe that you had reached such great heights.

The surprising chemistry between Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello took a whole generation by storm.  The truth is we really didn’t see this one coming, and (hopefully) there is no second advent here.  The album isn’t complete, it drags near the end, but oh it starts with a bang.  And Such Great Heights, in my opinion is the high point of its tremendous beginning.  Tamborello’s production and Gibbard’s vocals combine to make a nearly flawless pop song.  This song isn’t old and rich, it isn’t weathered, it isn’t powerful, it is fun – and we need songs like this to remind us that love is like play, done for its own sake.

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