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Top Ten Tracks 2000 – 2009: #6

March 3, 2010

6. Here I Am: Stumble into Grace: Emmylou Harris

“Where are You?”  God asked Adam in the garden.  He had not been lost, but Adam had.  I AM is here.  Here I am.  Why do you run for cover?

I often return to this song.  There are few words I have to describe its beauty and weight.  I hope all of you listen to this song at least once in your life.  I take that back, I hope you listen to it ten times and then ten times more.  It isn’t a song that is immediately gripping.  I had probably listened to it twenty times before it finally grabbed me and said, “listen to me.”  I did, and I haven’t stopped listening since.  Once I actually paused to listen I heard, I heard more than the song, I heard the Voice.  Maybe most of us don’t hear the Voice because we aren’t listening.  He is in the blood of our hearts and we are from the kiss of His mouth.  He has not left – but we have.

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  1. March 4, 2010 7:33 am

    Emmylou Harris is probably my favorite songwriter. Her tracks “The Pearl” and “Michelangelo” on Red Dirt Girl are hauntingly beautiful.

    BTW – I’m really enjoying the posts. Keep ’em coming brother.

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