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Glenn Beck and the New American Christianity

August 31, 2010

Russell Moore continues his juggernaut of rhetorical force by taking on Glenn Beck and his Restoring Honor rally.

Here’s my personal highlight of the article, “Rather than cultivating a Christian vision of justice and the common good (which would have, by necessity, been nuanced enough to put us sometimes at odds with our political allies), we’ve relied on populist God-and-country sloganeering and outrage-generating talking heads. We’ve tolerated heresy and buffoonery in our leadership as long as with it there is sufficient political “conservatism” and a sufficient commercial venue to sell our books and products.” I hope we don’t all lose our heads over GB and the song and dance over at FOX News; there isn’t anything wrong with having conservative values per se, but there is a huge difference between the civic religion of presidents and politicians and the message of the gospel of a crucified Lord.

Read this.  Now.

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  1. August 31, 2010 9:01 pm

    Read his piece. I’m not very impressed.

    Cultivating a Christian vision of Justice and common good? That’s not the Gospel.

    The Gospel is individual reconcilation with God. Jesus changes the hearts of men and then they change the world around them.

    Like way too many people, he missed the point of the Rally. I was there. It wasn’t about politics. Politics can’t save us. That’s the message of the Rally. Only God can save us. That’s why you had Republicans and Democrats on the stage together. Conservatives and Liberals.

    The hand of God was all over the Rally. God can work through anyone He chooses. Even a self-proclaimed rodeo clown. That’s what makes God so amazing.

    I don’t see how people praying to God will hurt things. I don’t see how seeking Him is bad. Even though it’s inspired by Glenn Beck. I don’t see how seeking the truth and seeking to be honest is bad. I don’t see how being encouraged to serve others is bad.

    Maybe I’m missing something. But this is about alot more than politics. And I think too many people are missing that.

  2. September 8, 2010 10:36 pm

    what so bad about about wanting honor and God back in America.. well at least that’s what my mom said. i love you and i’m sorry i don’t leave more comments. lets go to sleep.

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