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True Grit: Grace and Justice

December 30, 2010

If you haven’t seen the Coen brother’s remake of the old John Wayne classic True Grit, you should. It is powerful, funny, violent, and gripping. It is a movie that makes sense on one level and on another level hints at a meaning that so often escapes our mortal eyes – so watch it with eyes wide open.

Stanley Fish wrote an excellent opinion piece in the New York Times, here are a couple of my favorite lines from his article:

“things happen, usually bad things (people are hanged, robbed, cheated, shot, knifed, bashed over the head and bitten by snakes), but they don’t have any meaning, except the meaning that you had better not expect much in this life because the brute irrationality of it all is always waiting to smack you in the face”

“She [Mattie] goes forward not because she has faith in a better worldly future — her last words to us are “Time just gets away from us” — but because she has faith in the righteousness of her path, a path that is sure (because it is not hers) despite the absence of external guideposts”

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