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A Little Preview

February 19, 2011

I’m preaching tomorrow morning on the Trinity at Mission Hills Church. Here’s a few wise words from Eugene Peterson…

“By insisting that God is three-personed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit we are given an understanding of God that welcomes participation.  We are baptized into the communal life of the Trinity.  The spiritual life is a participation in the being and work of God.  God is never a nonparticipant in what he does.  He does not delegate. He does not manage from an impersonal position. He does not separate himself from his community by ranks of angel-secretaries through whom we have to arrange an audience.  Baptized, we begin to get a feel for what it means to participate in what we have assumed we were not adequate for or qualified to do.”

Or as Johnny Cash:

“I have a talk with him each day and he’s interested in every word I say
No secretary ever tells me he’s been called away”

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