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The Telemarketer Defeated

February 24, 2011

I literally have just hung up the phone with a righteous sense of satisfaction.  The sweet young telemarketer called on behalf of the corporate behemoth with script in place, carefully crafted to convince me that they had what I needed.  In this case the business was education and the product was a degree.  She asked me if I had a degree, “yes” I responded.

“Do you have a bachelor’s degree?”  She quickly shot back.

“Yes” I slowly offered back.

“Do you have a master’s degree?” Figuring that this was perhaps the point of sale, my point of need.

“Yes” I replied with calm repose.

With a hurried curiousity she responded, “what is it in?”


Obviously flustered she scrambled for her last possible in to convince me of my need – “well are you using your degree?”

“Yes” At this point I am wondering how it is possible that our conversation is still going.

“What are you doing?”

“I am a pastor.” It was strange for me to say it, not because of fear, but because something in it fit exactly right.

“Well good for you!” She exclaimed with surprise and perturbation. 

We parted curteously and hung up.  I was struck at the fact that I had defeated this sweet young telemarketer because she had nothing to offer that I didn’t already have.  Immediately I realized that this is the life of every Christian – what does the world have to offer, to convince us that we need, what is it trying to sell us that we don’t already have and ten-thousand times greater in Christ.

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