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Michael Horton on Preaching

April 12, 2011

I am reading through Michael Horton’s new systematics The Christian Faith and came across his section on preaching which provided some insights that were incredibly gripping.  Here’s a few excerpts to consider:

“The proclamation of the Word is not simply teaching concerning Christ, but the personal address of Christ himself through which the Spirit delivers Christ to us and unites us to him… Ambassadors do not send themselves… they are sent by the King to herald the message.  When they speak, in Christ’s name, it is Christ’s voice that they hear.”

“Though seemingly powerless and ineffective, the creaturely mediation of his Word through faltering human lips is the most powerful thing on earth.”

“To the extent that in more conservative circles preaching has been reduced to its didactic function or to inspiration and moral uplift, it is not surprising that younger believers look for alternative means of grace.  Typically, we prefer what we can see to what we can hear: “A picture tells a thousand words.” Our new images may not be statues that we venerate, but there is a real danger in Protestant churches of once again silencing God’s living and active speech in a sea of our own insights, visual drama, and the blue luminosity of our computer screens.  Yet our Lord chose not only the content but the medium. We do not find God; he finds us. Faith comes not by feeling, thinking, seeing, or striving, but by hearing.”

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  1. Nate Paschall permalink
    April 12, 2011 10:17 pm

    “Faith comes not by feeling, thinking, seeing, or striving, but by hearing.”

    Makes me want to read this book right now

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