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Monday’s Gleanings

September 24, 2012

“Prayer is the main secret of success in spiritual business. It moves Him who can move heaven and earth. It brings down the promised aid of the Holy Ghost, without whom the finest sermons, the clearest teaching, and the most diligent working are all alike in vain. It is not always those who have the most eminent gifts who are most successful laborers for God. It is generally those who keep up closest communion with Christ and are most instant in prayer.” J.C. Ryle Expository Thoughts on the Gospels

“When Paul speaks of people experiencing ‘life’ and ‘living,’ he is not merely speaking of people existing as Christians in contrast to those who ‘live’ as unbelievers; rather, he is referring to them as actual eschatologically resurrected beings. Again, the reason why Paul issues imperatives in his letters and expects Christian audiences to obey his commands is that they have begun to experience the resurrection of the end time, and they have the moral power of such new creation life to obey and please their Creator.” G.K. Beale A New Testament Biblical Theology


“A common misconception about myths is the notion that removing its influence is as simple as packing more information into people’s heads. This approach assumes that public misperceptions are due to a lack of knowledge and that the solution is more information – in science communication, it’s known as the “information deficit model”. But that model is wrong: people don’t process information as simply as a hard drive downloading data. Refuting misinformation involves dealing with complex cognitive processes. To successfully impart knowledge, communicators need to understand how people process information, how they modify their existing knowledge and how worldviews affect their ability to think rationally. It’s not just what people think that matters, but how they think… When people are presented with a balanced set of facts, they reinforce their pre-existing views by gravitating towards information they already agree with.”  The Debunking Handbook

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